Change Or Choke
Change Or Choke
How to Face Your Fear and Embrace Change in Your Business






How to Face Your Fear and

Embrace Change in Your Business


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Jennifer Trethewey    Author  Speaker  Founder, JTG Global 

This is my first book and I must admit, it was an incredibly cathartic experience. So many of you in business would understand...after 25 years in the corporate jungle you experience so much - I had a need to share it with you and it feels good getting it down on paper! All the crap, the highs and lows, the accolades, the insecurities, the psychopathic bosses, the visionary leaders, the amazing staff, the toxic people, the rewards and failures, the honor and successes. I've done it all and have extraordinary stories to tell, but there's one thing I see consistently around the world ..... and want you to remember above all else...


Culture conflict change

To have a strong internal culture requires change, and to go through change you need to manage conflict. If you become a specialist and learn how to manage conflict, then you will be WAY ahead of other managers/leaders in your business. Believe me, nobody wants to manage or deal with conflict. But wow! when you do manage it well - the Arrows begin to show perfect "Internal Business Alignment".. you will fly!