JTG Global is a change management company who specialis in "Internal Business Alignment".

So many companies focus on the external client, and not on the internal management of their staff and processes. In fact, if they spent time and resources educating and identifying gaps that will support how and what their staff need to do their job, they will automatically grow their external client base. An organisation that is strong, robust and internally aligned will result in long-term external growth, and will ultimately be the leaders in their industry. 

With clients in Australia and across the United States we work with you and your people to break down barriers, identify gaps, and then coach, guide and inspire you to follow "The Arrows"  This unique and efficient process will lead you and your team to achieve what you thought was too hard or even unachievable. 

Successful global businesses have a common theme - knowledgeable management teams who have the skills to ensure the organisation runs efficiently, effectively and who deliver exceptional customer experience to your 'internal clients.' It is so important to have consistent and robust internal processes, protocols and procedures. Clear messaging and communication is a powerful tool which gives teams confidence and clarity.  

JTG Global observes your business with fresh eyes. We watch, listen, talk to your people and delve into the areas that are causing pain. From there, we analyse and assess so we can provide recommendations or themes that will be prioritised with budgets, accountabilities and timeframes. This gives you the flexibility to choose what you want to do and when. 

The JTG Global proven 5 point Methodology educates you and your business to follow The Arrows TM  

Our sole purpose is to allow our clients to shine so we like to keep under the radar,  but we are proud to work with companies like: 

  • Equity Trustees Australia
  • San Francisco Giants, CA
  • 451 Events Denver CO
  • JAK Creative Australia
  • Country Fire Authority Vic Australia
  • Service Systems Associates Denver CO
  • Charles Clinic Heart Care Australia
  • Miele Australasia  
  • Harrison Humphreys Australia